One Breath Bodywork


Emily is a holistic bodyworker specializing in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Thaiatsu and Thai Massage. She chose these modalities because they are each based firmly in cultures and principles that view the person as a whole. The mind, the emotions, the soul and the body are all parts of an inseparable and intricately balanced whole person. The primary aim of each of these modalities is to bring each person closer to balance.

Emily is a dedicated Yogini and Mantra Singer. She has practiced Iyengar Yoga for 19 years, and Kundalini Yoga for 4 years. Through these studies she continually reaches deep self-knowledge, heartfelt compassion for humanity, and grateful awe for the power of vibration. She is in a constant state of experiential understanding of the trifecta that is the sound current: Sphota – transcendental sound, Nāda – supersonic sound, and Dhvani – sound that is heard by the human ear. Emily shares mantra and sacred song with unbridled joy and appreciation. Her performances are a devotional practice in action. Her melodies and voice carry the sound current to invoke and awaken the divine qualities latent within the heart of humanity.

I hold all the necessary licenses and certificates to ensure you receive the safest, most reliable care.

  • I am licensed in the State of Florida as a Massage Therapist [MA73382]

  • I hold a certificate of graduation from a school that has been named among the top ten in the United States: Educating Hands School of Massage

  • I am an insured member of the American Massage Therapy Association

Certifications in Yogic & Herbal Knowledge

Certifications in Bodywork:

  • Level I Universal Yoga Teacher Training with Andrey Lappa

  • Tanmatra Chikitsa: summer intensive course at the Ayurvedic Institute, Albuquerque, NM

  • Tropical Herbalism Certification with Julia Onnie-Hay & Bless Botanicals

  • 19 years of dedicated, daily, self-directed study

  • Levels I-IIII LomiLomi training with Sacred Bodywork

  • Lomi Lomi & Ho' Oponopono with Harry Uhane Jim and Sila Jim

  • Level I Thaiatsu with the Nityananda Center

  • Northern Style Thai instruction from Kanjana Radtke & Sara Nice

Emily also co-teaches the introductory level Lomi Lomi course at Educating Hands School of Massage in Miami, Florida

From deep within my heart ... Mahalo nui loa! Thank you so very much! Gratitude from my heart to all of my teachers.


photography by Jayme Gershen