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Interview on Voyage MIA

Today we’d like to introduce you to Emily Peters.

Emily, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
Grace. It was grace that brought Yoga to my feet, and me to the feet of Yoga at the age of 17.

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Yoga is My Soulmate

Yoga is art. Yoga is a way of life. Yoga is a practice where I meet myself with completely new eyes every day. Yoga is how I understand myself, and it is also how I let go of all attempts to understand anything. Yoga is all of these things, and it is none of these things. Like the Tao, the Yoga that can be named is no longer Yoga.

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What is Lomi Lomi?

When clients ask this question, my mind, heart and soul present a vast ocean of understanding that is inexpressible in words. In my attempt to satisfy their curiosity and convey the feeling of the Lomi Lomi experience, a million words zoom through my head:

Reiki, energy work, shamanic bodywork, waterfalls, waves, weightlessness, rebirth, still-point . .


Yes, that’s it. The foundation of Lomi Lomi is unshakably in Aloha.

But, what is Aloha?

Again a million definitions rise up and fall away, all describing a part of what Aloha truly is, but none suffice to convey the essence. So, I dig my heels into the core of the Earth’s love and bow my head in respect to the totality of Hawai’ian culture – ancestors and living righteous people and ‘aina* alike.  Then, I reach my hands into the collected moisture of clouds to touch the heart of the matter, and pull out words of grace to give to you.

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I'mPlanted: Rubus niveus, a Love Story

This is a story of reverent, deep rememberance. It is a tale that is close to my heart. I hope it touches yours and inspires care and awareness for the way we all use the Earth’s resources: medicines, tools, fuels, and waters.

There I was, sitting in Tropical Herbalism class in the intimate backyard of Spirit and Beyond in Little Haiti.  The sun was extra generous that day, so I placed my blanket in the shady area of the circle. My spirit was tender – exposed, but lovingly so, in the manner of an ever-opening heart. This day we were exploring Tisanes, Infusions and Decoctions.[4] A few classmates stood around a garden table, removing leaves from 3 different types of tropical herbs, among them, Rubus niveus, also known by the names Tropical Raspberry and Mysore Raspberry. Everyone chattered in the relaxed atmosphere that lovers of the Earth carry with them everywhere they go. I sat and absorbed the sights and sounds. I greeted and hugged my soul brothers and sisters as they arrived. And the class began. . .

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I'mPlanted: Origins

Herbalism is an oral tradition, passed from generation to generation through daily hands-on experience. Living in symbiosis with the plant medicines produced a wealth of knowledge for the health of the individual, the family and the community unit. The knowledge still lives and breathes through dedicated plant lovers and medicinal herbalists. There are some great books on the subject of herbalism, but nothing beats direct contact and a whole-body kinesthetic learning experience!

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Sound and Breath

Breath and sound are so inseparable, that the Indian philosophy on sound would place sound as the generator of not just the breath, but everything in existence:

“Sound is conceived to be the specific quality of space. The physical basis of sound is traced to a mechanical impact which generates vibrations in the molecules of the object struck, which in turn impinge against surrounding molecules of air to produce sound. Sound expands in space as waves propagate in an ocean, and it is said to increase in successive concentric spherical layers of filaments which emanate from one another. . ."

[image credit: Quanta Canticum by Loris Cecchini from the Wellsrping Vibration Collection]

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From Frazzled to Free

In the mass consciousness of magazines, news, and online blogs we are seeing headlines that bear messages of busting stress, beating anxiety, and calming frazzled nerves. While it is definitely high time we collectively become conscious of the stress, anxiety and frazzled nature of the existence we create together, I would like for all of society to take a step up and over this mentality. Let’s awaken to the possibility that we create the environment in which we live. Do you want to live in peace? Do you want to live in a constant state of calm?

This is possible.

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The Pursuit of Happiness: Meditation as Medication

. . . I realized the best thing I could do for myself was stop believing I was sick and begin believing and seeing myself as whole, complete and well. This is no fairy story. Some of those days and moments were really tough. But the recovery I have achieved, and the happiness I found inside of myself is indeed commonplace, everyday magic. Meditation and yoga are the major factors that keep my internal light bright, free and a undimmed by depression and anxiety.

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