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What is Lomi Lomi?

When clients ask this question, my mind, heart and soul present a vast ocean of understanding that is inexpressible in words. In my attempt to satisfy their curiosity and convey the feeling of the Lomi Lomi experience, a million words zoom through my head:

Reiki, energy work, shamanic bodywork, waterfalls, waves, weightlessness, rebirth, still-point . .


Yes, that’s it. The foundation of Lomi Lomi is unshakably in Aloha.

But, what is Aloha?

Again a million definitions rise up and fall away, all describing a part of what Aloha truly is, but none suffice to convey the essence. So, I dig my heels into the core of the Earth’s love and bow my head in respect to the totality of Hawai’ian culture – ancestors and living righteous people and ‘aina* alike.  Then, I reach my hands into the collected moisture of clouds to touch the heart of the matter, and pull out words of grace to give to you.

Aloha is this moment.

Aloha is a soft wind.

Aloha is the gift of breathing.

Aloha is the Love.

The biggest love you could never comprehend, but that you could feel for the infinity of existing inside this very moment. Or that moment right there.

Aloha is what you are.

And what I am.

And what we are together when we are present in the name of all that is

Aloha is being hundreds of miles from your ‘ohana* but feeling the love that they are continuously beating like a heart that never succumbs to the laws of time, never ages, never dies.

For starters. . .

You could also define Aloha by the vibration of its sounds in the Hawai’ian language.

‘A’ means The Source or God or The Universe. It means that presence which many cultures never even give a name because it can never be defined, or contained, or done justice by language.

‘Lo’ is the bridge. The bridge represents the soul or the spirit within us that allows our flesh to experience the divine.

‘Ha’ is the breath. Oh, the breath! The breath that drives life itself! The breath of the cosmos that breathes our breathing.

Lomi Lomi is Aloha manifest; it is Aloha in action. Every time I touch another person that is Lomi Lomi. When I say touch I am invoking every sense of the word: with my hands, with my energy, with my intention, and with the Love that I am. Touch in the way that a heart can be touched. It’s an intangible energy that can be fully felt.

Then, there is the physicality of Lomi Lomi (which I suspect is what most folks think they are asking when they ask the question,”What is Lomi Lomi”). Here is another layer of simple complexity which could be anything when it is merely in words, but here I go, rummaging in the clouds again to express the grace.

Lomi Lomi could be just a touch.

Lomi Lomi could be simply in asking, “Where does it hurt?”


Lomi Lomi could be energy healing with light or shells or crystals or feathers

Lomi Lomi could be oscillation.

Lomi Lomi could be fully clothed or fully nude or fully draped.

The covering of the physical body is less important than the covering of the soul or the uncovering of the soul. What matters is the trust and the respect. What matters is the healing. Lomi Lomi is an experience of the healing touch of Aloha. It could be knowing yourself with more wholeness, or it could be accepting yourself more completely, or it could be a realization of paradise dwelling within each choice.

Does that answer the question? Not remotely. Perhaps these answers scrape the surface, or perhaps they are simply clouds, passing by to provide shade, rain and a new perspective.


  • ’Aina means land, with a deep connotation of respect, reverence, and gratitude
  • ‘Ohana means family