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From Frazzled to Free

In the mass consciousness of magazines, news, and online blogs we are seeing headlines that bear messages of busting stress, beating anxiety, and calming frazzled nerves. While it is definitely high time we collectively become conscious of the stress, anxiety and frazzled nature of the existence we create together, I would like for all of society to take a step up and over this mentality. Let’s awaken to the possibility that we create the environment in which we live. Do you want to live in peace? Do you want to live in a constant state of calm?

This is possible.

Take a moment to repeat that and vibrate it within yourself. . . . It is possible to live totally and completely in peace and calm. It is easy. It is comfortable.

Now that this door is open, and the peace is flowing inside and out, it’s time to take a look at the choices that create the moment-to-moment reality we call living. The Universe (the Powers That Be, God, the Self - insert the word that fits your personal belief system) delivers the exact reflection of those infinite momentary choices. Choosing thoughts of empowerment breed more empowerment. Choosing actions of self-defeat cultivate more of the same. Choosing states of tranquility exponential increase that state of being.

'Rug' by Jacqueline Soir

'Rug' by Jacqueline Soir

'Lamp' by Jacqueline Soir

'Lamp' by Jacqueline Soir

Perhaps some inner voice is protesting at this point. That’s ok. Let that voice have its say, but this time experiment with becoming neutral to it, and then focus in on what your heart truly desires. Take the time you need to crawl out from under that rug and take the lampshade off your head, but don’t dilly-dally!

Picture your heart’s desire as a scene. Feel it, smell it, utilize every sense organ to visualize this scene. Most especially, feel the joy or the peace or the positivity that this daydream engenders. And now become neutral to this vision too; let go and allow yourself feel that feeling with freedom from attachment.

This short process we just walked through together is called creative visualization. Although some call it the law of attraction, you can call it whatever works best for you! Regardless of the nomenclature, it is a very powerful tool, and there are many other ways and exercises to experience its effectiveness. There are many books and articles waiting to be discovered! Just go for a surf on the world wide web and see what speaks to you.

When first utilizing creative visualization, it naturally begins to break down previously held barriers or blocks to the natural flow of life. The mind opens to new possibilities, and the tensions in the body begin to release and expand to these possibilities too, because the mind and the body are intrinsically connected.

[artist unknown]

[artist unknown]

The process of actively creating with the human gift of visualization is easy and it is portable (you can take it everywhere!).

So, do.

The more it is used, the more it works. Just like those moment-to-moment choices to live a life of your waking dreams and create a satisfying, fulfilling, contented reality, you hold the power. It is innately built into the divine gift of being a Human Being.

Choose away!