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Lomi Lomi is an ancient and sacred form of massage from Hawai'i. Its aqueous nature induces deep relaxation and release on several levels. This bodywork uses nurturing touch, sound vibration, and energy work to bring the recipient in closer communication with their body, mind and spirit.

Healing principles and techniques specific to the Hawai'ian culture and sacred lineages can be utilized in each session. They include:

  • Healing with Shells - an energy work done with the aid of shells

  • Bone Washing - releasing memory and trauma held in the fascia

  • Pohaku - sacred hot and cold stone massage

  • Accessing the Shadow & Creating Space

  • Opu Huli - Abdomen massage. These Hawai'ian words mean "Turn The World Upside Down.

  • Resetting the Uterus - a gentle technique that has been known to heal and address infertility, hormonal imbalance, and ancestral healing

  • HA Breath - A deep breathwork session (minimum 60 min session)

Lomi Lomi accommodates all pressure preferences. I use apricot kernel oil and pure essential oils. A consultation is necessary before entering the Temple Lomi Lomi, and a healthy therapeutic relationship must be developed before this sacred space can be occupied.

Strictly therapeutic; treating Women, Men & Children.

The healing principles and techniques were passed to Emily through revered teachers of Sacred Lomi Lomi. Mahalo nui loa to Harry Uhane Jim, Sila Lehua Bray Jim, Karen Lealoha Carroll, Jairo Kealoha Cardona, Dennis Kamalu Stovall, The Hawai'ian People & the 'Aina everywhere


Thaiatsu and Thai Massage are performed on a comfortable Thai Massage mat. These Asian modalities affect the body's tissues on a deep level through walking on the body, elegant stretches, acupressure point and energy flow stimulation. While every body will benefit from Thai & Thaiatsu massage, athletes, dancers, yogis and those who are exercising regularly will find the passive stretching in this bodywork especially compelling.

  • THAIATSU : features walking on the body at acupressure points and passive stretching. This modality is very deep, and very detoxifying. The meditative nature is calming and restorative to body, mind and soul.

  • THAI : features deep thumb presses, palm presses, and passive stretching. The effect is very similar to Thaiatsu, but the experience is slightly different due to the thumb and palm presses instead of walking on the body.

Thai and Thaiatsu bodywork utilize a system of energetic channels that exist in the body.  In Thai massage, the system is called Sen, which loosely translates as Conduit. The more widely recognized Chinese Meridian system is very similar and many energy lines are the same or similar. The result is a very balanced and free-flowing peaceful bodywork experience.

Thai bodywork is done fully clothed without oil. Please wear or bring non-slippery work out or lounge clothes. 

Strictly therapeutic; treating Women, Men & Children.

Swedish-Asian Fusion:

Sports & Therapeutic Massage

Emily artfully weaves all modalities for complete healing and targeted relief of pain and stress symptoms. This table massage unites acupressure therapy with trigger point therapy techniques, elegant and deeply releasing stretches, and energy work for a comprehensive healing experience. Choose this massage if you are in process of recovery from sports injury, repetitive motion injury, structural re-integration from surgery, or if you suffer chronic muscle or tendon pain.

Strictly therapeutic; treating Women, Men & Children.

Energy Balancing:

intuitive EnergyWork+Sound Healing

Balance and rejuvenate the energy centers and systems of the body with intuitive energy work, Lau Lima (laying of hands) and sound healing. In living a balanced and peaceful life, it is important to release stagnant energies and relieve stress at the root level. Energy Balancing is a calming and refreshing necessity for every body. Those who will especially benefit are those in acute stages of injury, those on medically prescribed bed-rest or recovery from recent surgery, and those suffering from chronic or recurring illnesses. Energy balancing also eases intense life transitions, assists in karma clearing, healing and release of depressive states and anxiety triggers, and general stress release.

Strictly therapeutic; treating Women, Men & Children.

Facial Gua Sha 刮痧

Gua Sha is also known as scraping or coining (because some cultures use a common coin as the Gua Sha tool), and is done to stimulate stagnant Qi - life force energies. When Qi is flowing and in balance, then our bodies are in good health; when the Qi is stagnant or sluggish, then we experience physical, mental, emotional or spiritual difficulties and maladies.

When Gua Sha is done on the face, it is soft and gentle, using minimal, light massage oil. This facial technique is a kind of reflexology, as each point on the face is reflexive - or corresponds and communicates with - a point in the body. It is highly restorative, relaxing, and rejuvenating.

In this treatment I use a jade Gua Sha tool and clean organic facial oils and serums. Any skin sensitivities can be accommodated.

Strictly therapeutic; treating Women, Men & Children.

In-Studio or House-Call . . . What’s the Difference?

When booking, you’ll see that there are two options for each type of session - House-Call (at your location) or In-Studio (that’s at my location). The differences are . . .

At my location (In-Studio) we have access to all of the tools that your session may call for: hot towels, warm and cool stones, sound healing instruments like gong, flutes and singing bowls. And, there is not extra fee!

While a House-call session is in your own home or location of preference, we won’t have access to all of those tools that will make your session feel really complete. In addition, since I have to travel to you, which involves carrying a table and sheets and spending extra time on the road in the car, there is an extra fee for house calls. I highly suggest booking a session at my location for the most complete experience in the full potential of your healing session.

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photography by Anna Barnat & Jayme Gershen