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Emily has a sixth sense about her. No massage is ever the same as she is so sensitive to the changes in one’s body with each experience. My husband has tried all kinds of things to relieve his stiff back and arthritic body. When he finishes his Thai massage with Emily, he stands inches taller and his pain subsides. We have spent so much money over the years trying to find relief, but it’s really the time she spends doing body work on him that has made all the difference. I really don’t know what we would do without her healing hands and her expertise.
— Lisa
I’d like to share with you again how much I appreciated and benefited from the richly layered practice you shared with us. Truly, all of what you taught/sang/played and invited us to experience resonated deeply within me, and I especially felt such high levels of collective/connective joy from the chanting at the end of my dear friend Rosco’s class! Your voice/presence is a beautiful gift, and the opportunity to join you in such lovely devotional music and song was quite a blessing!
— christopher
Emily’s Thaiatsu session was amazing! (I really think her feet should be called her second set of hands :-)) I loved the combination of gentle stretching and massage. She intuitively senses what is arising and adapts to your body’s responses. From start to finish she crafts a healing space for you to release, relax and connect with your innate alignment and flow. I absolutely recommend experiencing her compassionate and unique style, it’s something you have to try for yourself!
— Paula
Just finished getting my first Thai massage and it was amazing! First and foremost, Emily was extremely professional and made me feel comfortable. She is very knowledgeable about the different techniques and what your body needs based on what pain/issues you may be experiencing. She comes to your place which is AMAZINGLY convenient. As soon as she walks in, you notice right away that She is very graceful and a bundle of happiness!

The best thing about her is that she reminds you to continue breathing deep breaths and relax while you are getting a massage. She doesn’t chit chat and gets into the energy zone needed to really heal your body.

Thai massages include stretching and is not just deep tissue. Before this massage I didn’t even know what the difference was. I’m glad she educated me and so happy that I have found my new favorite massage therapist! She is worth every penny!!
— Mair
Emily WOW!!! Thank you so much for a massage that took me beyond myself to all points of my being that needed to be healed. Your soothing touch accompanied by the loving energy that is you really helped me journey in lovely relief for blockages that had been impacting my body for quite sometime. You are such a wonderful being of light and are very much appreciated by the community for the selfless intentions you carry always! I look forward to the next body work session I will DEFINITELY have with you! Thank you!!!! <3
— Bast
Emily is an amazing massage therapist, one of the best I’ve ever had! My girlfriend needed a massage because she has a detrimentally painful shoulder injury. Emily was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the body. she knew exactly how to massage my girlfriend. My poor girlfriend has had to take tons of pain killers to try to manage the pain however I am happy to say that only after 1 massage is my girlfriend Soma and NSAID free! I was so happy with the results I also obtained a massage and I will return. She truly has a gift!
— Boris
I entered a twisted stale pretzel, charred a few days too long on a NYC street cart, brittle, uneven, gathering the last few salt crystals on earth on the left loop of my arm.

After some gentle stretching, well placed pressure, and a few soothing strokes, I left a dough boy: soft, nimble, and free of the crusty salt that stress of a so-called bust life brings. Thank you Emily. I hope others will treat themselves to your magic. Peace and Light to you ...
— Sean
“Thank you, Emily, for such a wonderful treatment and beginning to a great day. I so enjoyed our time together . . . my body is so relieved!! How very caring for you to follow up with such great resources that I am anxious to try and how very much I learned about my body... and always learning about life!”
— Patty
WOW - probably one of the very best of the best massage treatments I’ve ever had! THANK YOU - Emily, you are special indeed and have so many gifts to give to the world. Different and definitely a great dancer’s, athlete’s type of therapeutic massage. My pinched nerves thank you, my body feels great and I will be back again soon. I can’t thank you enough! ♥♥♥
— Joanne was truly a blessed experience..besides your great technique you have a connection that comes from within.. thank you for allowing me to receive this gift
— Korinne
Amazing hands..gentle yet effective and unconditional love. I felt extremely relaxed! Thank you Emily! I will certainly need another one soon. Pure therapy
— Jacqueline
Just had an amazing massage by Emily! It was a very new combination of the Thai stretching, with the more traditional massage and so much more. With very intuitive hands and expert movements she helped to take away the stress that was building and made me feel rejuvenated and refreshed! I shall be seeing more of her in the near future!!!
— Maks
You made my day today! Your combination of modalities was just right for stretching out the tight areas, which relaxed the muscles enough to let you work your magic as you released the tension held there. THANK YOU!
— Elizabeth
Best massage ever!!!! thank you Emily
— Diego