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Yoga Asana 

One-on-One Iyengar-inspired Yoga Asana instruction. Emily teaches from her experience of 18 years of dedicated practice of Yoga in the Iyengar tradition. She brings a powerful fusion of correct alignment in the Asana, spiritual acuity, and deep self awareness. Emily presents a powerful class that will push your edge while honoring your body, mind and soul. She teaches from the precision and depth of Iyengar-style Yoga, and combines it with a softness acquired from years of practice, study and knowledge of the human body & human psyche. Be prepared to get well acquainted with the meaning of yoga - union of all aspects of self. Experience the lasting inner peace from a regular practice with Emily.

Meditation methods

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Emily is an experienced yogini and meditator. She has diligently and patiently practiced Iyengar Yoga since the age of 16. It was within this practice that she first encountered meditation. She has explored many meditation techniques, including the micro-cosmic orbit, chakra activation, mindfulness, yantra, eye-gazing and Vipassana. Emily completed a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation course in March of 2015, the meditations of Kundalini Yoga found her in 2013 and she completed 40 consecutive days of Group Aquarian Sadhana in 2014.  She successfully merges and practices both techniques daily.

Your personal meditation experience will be tailored to your individual needs. Choose from:

Kundalini Energy Meditations : navigate meditations to cultivate, generate and move subtle energies of the body, realign the nervous system and the endocrine system.

Silent Meditation Practices : many things exist within silence that cannot be found in any other state of being. Explore methods of silent meditation one-on-one or in a group.

Yantra & Mantra Meditations : discover the information waiting for your discovery in Yantra [gazing meditation] and Mantra [vocalized or silently vibrated word repetition].

Sound Healing

Gong + Tibetan Singing Bowls + Mantra

Receive immediate and profound healing from the Wind Gong & Tibetan Singing bowls played by Emily Sat Sukh. Her classically trained musicianship is met equally by her intuition and sensitivity. Through sound healing, find the depth of the cosmos in your soul and your soul in the depths of the cosmos. Witness stress, anxiousness, and exhaustion melt from your awareness, and come home to the truth of your existence. Find lasting peace and deep contentment, not just in the duration of the treatment, but beyond the session in daily life.

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Photography by Jayme Gershen (top) and Jacqueline Soir (meditation methods image)

Videography by Sean Ritchwood